BPI ZAP SCREWLOK® is a positive tension and compression mechanical splice system whose strength is independent of the concrete which surrounds it, thereby providing true structural continuity Applications include heavy construction, field splicing of column steel, beam reinforcement, concrete piles and deck steel.

BPI GRIP-TWIST is a Swaged Splicing and anchorage system that incorporates the use of self-locating taper threaded ends on components for expeditious field assembly. Because parts are swaged to the bars and the threads are formed on the couplers instead of the reinforcing bars, there is no loss of cross-sectional area and the full ultimate design strength of the reinforcing system is maintained.

BPI-BAR GRIP cold-swaged coupling sleeves consist of seamless steel sleeves that slip over the ends of reinforcing bars.
They are deformed onto the reinforcing bar profile to produce mechanical interlock.

BPI BARSPLICER is a reinforcing mechanical splices shall be tension-compression threaded couplers or position couplers with standard unified NC threads, procured with ISO 9001 certification and pre-tested to develop at least 1.25 fy Grade 60.

Products that make up the solution


Benefits to using ZAP SCREWLOK® include positive mechanical splicing, choices for Type 1 Type 2 applications, splices for black or galvanized or epoxy coated bars, easy visual inspection, no specialized equipment, minimal clearance requirements and positive center-stop. Zap SCREWLOK® is ideal in remote areas and tight access areas; it is suitable for new construction repair or retrofit and compatible with sheared, flame-cut or saw-cut bars.

Works carried out
  • Agora Ciudad de las Ciencias. Valencia
  • Ampliación Centro de visitantes Museo Blas Infante. Coria del Rio. Sevilla
  • AVE Sants.Barcelona
  • Centro Comercial Arena Multiespacio. Valencia
  • Centro Comercial El Tiro. Murcia
  • Centro Comercial Las Arenas. Barcelona
  • Centro Comercial Vilella. Alzira. VALENCIA
  • Nave VIDAL Alberique. Valencia
  • Nueva Terminal Aeropuerto de Alicante
  • Nueva Terminal aeropuerto Malaga
  • Rehabilitación Puente Purchena-Pulpí. Almeria
  • Torre Costanera Center. CHILE
  • Torre Iberdrola. Bilbao
  • Tramo AVE Villena - Sax
  • Tunel AVE. Tramo Abdalajis. Malaga
  • Tuneles Delicias. Zaragoza
  • Viaducto O Eixo del AVE Tramo Santiago Compostela - Ourense
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BPI ZAP SCREWLOK couplers. Simple Installation...
Depending upon the size, assemble manually with socket wrench or for quickest installation, use a standard air impact wrench. By following the instructions supplied with your order, tighten the screws until the heads twist off at a prescribed value. The force from the screws causes the rebar deformations to interlock within the coupler. The screws embed themselves into the rebar surface. This dual mechanical action results in a full positive connection for transferring tension or compression force from bar-to-bar.

BPI Grip Twist couplers. In-situ installation- although normally pre-Installed, components can be swaged to existing Bars, if needed; using BPI-Grip field presses.

BPI BAR GRIP couplers. The reinforcing bar is marked and inserted halfway into the sleeve. A hydraulic press fitted with a removable two-piece die set is used for field installation. The die set deforms the first half of the coupling sleeve in a radial direction onto the reinforcing bar in a series of overlapping pressings. The coupling sleeve is slipped over the bar in-situ and the remaining unswaged portion of the sleeve is swaged. Field-type presses, including dies, weigh between 20 and 230 lb (9 and 105 kg) and can be supported for use in any orientation.

Bench presses with adjustable stops and insertion gauges are available for shop use. These machines efficiently half-swage a coupling sleeve onto the end of a reinforcing bar before shipping. Adapter kits allow the field presses to be used in the same way.

BPI BARSPLICER couplers. In the field, reinforcing bars are cast in concrete with the flanged coupler attached to the form face. After the formwork is removed, straight or bent splice bars are installed into the coupler to extend the reinforcing bar. A simple pipe wrench can be used to snug and secure the splice assembly. No torque wrench is required for this operation.

Installation images

BPI GRIP TWIST cold-swaged mechanical splie and anchorage components are made from high quality seamless steel that meets the chemistry and grade requirements of ASTM A 519, A 576 or A 970 as applicable.


Video of the solution

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