Mechanical Reinforcing Bar Anchorages shall be the cold-swaged taper-threaded coupler type, which shall be assembled with 5As or 10As Heads

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Replaces hook bars in beam-column joints, knee joints, pile caps and column roof slab connections. Replaces stirrup bars as confinement steel.


• ACI 318 MECHANICAL ANCHORAGE - In accordance with section 12.6, BPI Barsplicer DoughNUTs develop at least the strength of the bar, fy Grade 60. In air tests exceed 1.25 fy Gr.60..
• HEAD VERSUS HOOK - while hook bars reduce development length compared to straight, they might bring about congestion. Doughnut's alleviate this problem and facilitate bar placement.
• HEAD AREA - 5Ab full cross-sectional area with at least 4Ab projected bearing area in tension (Ab = area of reinforcement). Minimum recommended anchorage length = 12 db** (db = bar dia)/
**Ref: "headed Reinforcement A Viable Option" John W. Wallace.


Preinstalled on Grade 60 by means of standard threads - saves field labor. Easy placement - no special bend directions, minimal detailing, saves space, more design flexibility.


Reduces development length of bars by transmitting a proportion of force from bar to bar to concrete via head bearing area.

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In-situ installation- although normally pre-Installed, components can be swaged to existing Bars, if needed; using BPI-Grip field presses.

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