Eding APS gladly announces their new business relationship with BarSplice Product, Inc. (BPI). This association will include the distribution of BPI mechanical connectors in... (marketing country(s)). Eding APS is located in Valencia, Spain and will promote and distribute BPI mechanical connectors.

BPI is an ISO-9001:2000, an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), an AFCAB (Association Française de Certification des Armatures du Béton), and UK CARES (Certification for the Construction Industry) QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFIED COMPANY.

BarSplice Products Inc. manufactures and supplies the mechanical couplers, together with the required equipment and dies for splicing steel reinforcing bars in concrete structures. Included with our product, technical assistance is provided at the project site to ensure adequate coupler installation.

BPI has been doing business in the heavy construction industry in the United States and worldwide for the last 28 years. The systems trademarks are BPI® BARGRIP and BPI® BARGRIP "XL" for cold swaged connectors, TAPER THREADED GRIP-TWIST® for threaded couplers, BPI® STRUCTURAL CONNECTORS for connecting reinforcing bars to structural steel, and the ZAP SCREWLOK®, ZAP SCREWLOK® "SL", AND DOUBLE BARREL ZAP SCREWLOK®, which require no equipment.

BPI's mechanical connector systems are designed to exceed the specified minimum tensile strength of ASTM (American Standard of Testing and Materials) A615 rebars thereby satisfying the strength requirements of ASME Section III Division 2, ACI (American Concrete Institute) 349, ACI 318, the U.S. Corps of Engineers and CALTRANS (the Department of Transportation for the State of California, USA), The DOT's (US State Departments of Transportation) in addition to other construction codes worldwide. BPI's mechanical connector systems are designed to exceed 150% of the specified yield strength of U.S. Grade 60 rebars. This equates to a minimum ultimate capacity of 621 N/mm2 (90,000 psi) stress in the rebar. BPI's mechanical connector systems conform with the ultimate value specified by the Type 2 Code requirements.

BPI® PRODUCTS are a less complex system compared with other devices. Crews can be trained quickly. The number of steps to install BPI® PRODUCTS has less effect on surrounding work efforts; there is no smoke or heat to consider; no molten metal, risk of fire or explosion. BPI® PRODUCT'S equipment has been improved substantially, now lighter and more efficient. BPI® PRODUCTS represents the most economical coupler choice for your projects taking into consideration couplers, their installation and the capability to comply with the speed of the construction schedule.

All BPI couplers will transfer full tension-compression loads as defined by ACI 318, between reinforcing bars on either side of the joints. These are conditions that might be questionable on lapped rebars, especially when cracks occur on surrounding concrete. BPI's Coupler systems transfer direct loads from rebar to rebar without the aid of the concrete, resulting in the structure continuity which is much needed in a seismic activity area.

Rebar welding is subject to the materials chemistry, end-bar preparation, preheat conditions, careful welding procedures and extensive testing. Arc welding will usually be the slowest and most costly procedure including laborious inspection control.

Under BPI's Quality Assurance Program, codes are stamped on all couplers fabricated by BarSplice Products, Inc. These codes allow the couplers to be traced back to the original heat of U.S. made steel. Couplers and dies are color coded to facilitate installation. Certified Material Test Reports (CMTR) are logged and kept on file for use as required.

BarSplice Products, Inc. has participated in different projects ranging from small to large size construction. Our experience involves nuclear power plants, highways, bridges, dams, stadiums, subways, hospitals, tunnels, airports, high-rises, multilevel parking garages, containment structures, and other kinds of construction where there is a need to comply with SEISMIC specifications.

BPI supports the customers' needs by solving unexpected changes during coupler installation, reducing downtime, and creating cost savings within the project.


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