BPI Buttonhead is a headed end for anchorage of reinforcing bars installed by octogonal dies with press machine to produce a 5Ab head size

Dimensions and product references



• REPLACE HOOKS - No special bend direction - alleviates congestion - for beam-column joints, knee joints, pile caps, column roof slab connections; replaces stirrup bars used as confinement steel.


• 5Ab HEAD- for transmitting bond force from the reinforcing bar to concrete by a combination of head bearing and development length.* A ‘standard' head size for most applications.
Report ER-5461. Exceeds specified tensile strength (150% x fy) ASTM A 706 / A615 black deformed bars.
Cold swaging technology for mechanical anchorage and splicing is one of the most established, developed, and refined connection methods worldwide. Key to cold swaging success is its simplicity, low cost and adaptability. There is no loss of reinforcing bar cross-sectional area at the anchorage location so the system is a natural choice when considering the objectives of seismic design and safety related applications. BPI-Grip swaging equipment is easy to use and may be leased or purchased. Splicing manuals provided with equipment explain step-by-step installation and safety information.


KEY ADVANTAGES - Avoids lengthy hook extensions / complex stress patterns. No heat, welding or hot forging - no special chemistry or rebar grade requirements, no bending or cracking of rebars.
*Ab = area of reinforcement.


Powerful hydraulically actuated presses with color-coded octagonal die sets are utilized in fabricating shops for the most efficient swaging operation. Swaging pressure is factory preset and equipment is automated to release after each swaging ‘bite' or pressing. When components have been compressed onto the reinforcing bar by cold-swaging they become mechanically interlocked with the rebar deformation.

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• SHOP INSTALLATION- Attaches directly to the reinforcing bar - no thread cutting required. Shop swaged quickly and efficiently.

Installation images

Quality Control

BPI-Grip ButtonHead cold-swaged anchorage components are made from high quality seamless steel that meets the chemistry and grade requirements of ASTM A 519 or A576. Installed performance satisfies ASTM A 970.

Video of the solution

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